Faq Faq’s

“What does Percolate mean?”Percolate is defined as a liquid that slowly filters through a porous surface or substance. The preparation of our coffee and tea uses this exact process with hot water passing over and through beans and leaves.

“What is the difference between loose leaf and tea bags?”Loose leaf tea uses an entire tea leaf while tea in a bag typically is the dust or fannings of broken tea leaves. Broken tea leaves lose their essential oils and key aromas that add to flavor resulting in a more bitter taste after steeping.

“Why is correct time and correct temperature so important to the taste of tea?”The rule of thumb that using boiling water is sufficient for all tea is completely incorrect. Green tea is very delicate and often needs a cooler temperature and less steeping time for the perfect taste while a black tea can be steeped longer at a higher temperature because it has been fully oxidized.

“What time do you start serving boba?”We have boba available daily starting at 9:45 AM. The process to get our pearls perfect takes hours and that is the absolute earliest we can serve boba drinks. Our employees thank you for your patience.

“Do you offer parking?”Yes we have free surface parking as well as street parking.

“Do you offer delivery?”Yes we provide delivery through Postmates & Uber Eats

“Does Percolate have a rewards program?”Yes we offer Percolate Points to reward our best customers. The best part is it is entirely digital so you won't have to carry a card to get credit.

“Do you offer gift cards?”We do have a digital gift card program as well. You can share the Percolate experience with friends and family with a few clicks of the button.

“Do you have wifi?”Yes we offer free wifi to all of our customers at Percolate.

“Do you use milk or non-dairy Creamer?”We only use premium organic milk from cows, almond milk & oat milk

“Do you sweeten with fructose?”No, we sweeten our drinks with either house-made unrefined cane sugar simple syrup or 100% fruit purees

“Does the flavor of your drinks come from pumps or the tea itself?”The TEA!

“What is small batch boba?”We believe boba is best when prepared fresh. We do small batches throughout the day to ensure you always have perfect texture with our gluten-free boba

“Do you have coffee?”Yes we have pour-over chemex coffees, cold brew & espresso based drinks. The Cardi is our best seller!!