Beautifully Crafted Beautifully Crafted

Tea prepared at the perfect temperature for the perfect amount of time is what sets Percolate apart. All our flavors come from the tea leaves, fruits, spices & the premium milks we use.

Educating the Curious Educating the Curious

Our large steeping vessels allow water to pass through the entire tea leaf while extracting the unique flavor, wonderful aromas and rich antioxidants. Enjoy watching the dancing leaves as they unfold during steeping!

Creating Happiness Creating Happines

Your taste buds differentiate between five taste sensations : Saltiness, Sourness, Bitterness, Sweetness & Umami.
Percolate Teas can trigger all these senses.

Swipe & Go Swipe & Go

Spend more time enjoying your drink and say goodbye to annoying lines with Percolate. Thanks to our easy to use Swipe & Go touchscreens and mobile ordering options.
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