Percolate Points Percolate Points

The in-store customer experience at Percolate is all about efficiency with the Swipe & Go touchscreens and a variety of mobile ordering options. The same applies to our rewards program Percolate Points, sign up next time you visit us one of our stores.


How Many Points Do I Need To Qualify For A Reward

Starting at 60 points you may begin redemption.

What Can I Buy With Percolate Points

You can apply your Percolate Points towards any menu item.

How Do I Redeem My Percolate Points In Store

Please see a Percolate cashier to redeem your points.


How it works

Every dollar you spend is worth 1 point. You receive a 25 point sign-up bonus and can begin redeeming Percolate Points when you reach 60 points.

Step 1: Sign up with Percolate cashier in-store.

Step 2: Link your credit card to your Percolate Points account after you receive the verification email.

Step 3: Earn points with every purchase whether it be online ordering, Swipe & Go touchscreens or with a Percolate cashier.